Are you open to finding and creating a lifestyle that will support your body nutritionally, engage you emotionally and meet the challenge your individual needs?

I work with all types of people who have a wide range of health issues and requirements; from chronic disease to family meal planning and grocery lists, disordered eating and body image issues to anti aging diets and everything in between .  I specialize in meeting individuals where they are, customizing a plan and course of action while gently teaching them how to respect and trust their bodies.



Here are some examples of clients I have worked with:

An older man suffering from severe heart disease on multiple medications and 40 + pounds overweight warned by his doctor that he wouldn’t see his grandchildren grow up.  Now, he eats balanced meals, exercises daily and is striving as a healthy man on NO medications. 

Helping someone move from canned and processed foods to fresh, clean and live foods.  This is turn made my client go from feeling sluggish, allergenic and stiff in his body to feelings energetic, vibrant and limber. 

A woman recovering from years of eating and body disorder issues.  Teaching her to trust her body to guide her decisions around food and relationship.

A 30 year-old man over email and Skype who was a retired professional athlete.  As an athlete his “bad diet” had gone unnoticed because of the long hours of training, however two years post retirement the weight packed on and he felt lethargic and disconnected from his body and self.  His new busy lifestyle and employment in the corporate environment gave us some challenges such as what to order when taking clients to lunch and the over consumption of caffeine and alcohol.   Today we are still working together and have found new rituals as well as a place to talk about these disconnects.